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SFS and AstroMED partner to improve the quality of healthcare in the Russian region of Rostov

Flexible leasing solutions provide access to cutting-edge technology from Siemens Healthcare


For the business press
Vladivostok, 10.02.2016


Amid rapid innovation and intensifying competition in the medical sector, healthcare providers have had to put renewed effort into mastering new technologies. Patients have at the same time become more demanding in recent years. It is also rare to find financial institutions that understand the healthcare equipment and technology that ensure they can offer healthcare organisations the financial solutions that are aligned to the specifics of the medical services of the healthcare organisation. Nonetheless, the Russian market does present examples of successfully combining technology and financial expertise in the healthcare sector, and the region of Rostov is no exception. In 2015, AstroMED, a well-known healthcare organization in the Southern Federal District, collaborated with Siemens Financial Services (SFS) in Russia on several projects that allowed them to acquire laboratory analyzers, including RAPIDPoint500 Blood Gas Systems.

Since 2006, AstroMED LLC has been working as a supplier of technology-intensive medical equipment with a broad spectrum of applications: chemicals; expendable materials and appliances for treatment and diagnostic, immunological, micro-biological, pathomorphological and genetic laboratories, resuscitation, anesthesiology and intensive care units, sterilization and disinfection. The company offers unique methodologies facilitating patient access to safe and reliable diagnostics.  They have recently worked with SFS to ensure they are able to afford the latest technology without negatively impacting their working capital. Representatives of the two companies shared details of this collaboration, which is set to represent a long-term trend for the medical services market.

“What we have learned over the last 10 years is that medical equipment has been evolving very quickly,” said Denis Koptev, Director of AstroMED LLC. “In this context, any delays in investment into new technologies would be detrimental – it can worsen the level of service to patients and, consequently, medical institutions’ competitiveness. Due to the fact that our main goals are to refine the laboratory diagnostics and to save human lives, we do not compromise on quality. At the same time, access to finance has unfortunately become more difficult for SMEs in Russia. In this respect, acquisition of equipment at one’s own expense is close to impossible – healthcare institutions simple do not have the working capital. Leasing however provides us with an opportunity to access modern technologies, offering flexible delivery terms and accurate cost allocation. Being a partner of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and knowing how Siemens focuses on quality, we chose to work with SFS in Russia for our financing solutions. SFS have a dedicated healthcare finance specialist  in Rostov-on-Don who clearly understands the specifics and challenges of our industry and provides us with fast and effective finance solutions.”

“We have been collaborating with AstroMED LLC since 2013,” said Elena Lakhno, Regional Director of SFS in Rostov-on-Don. “During this time, we have signed over 15 lease agreements for medical equipment and technology acquisition. The real benefit behind this collaboration is that the technology guarantees real improvements in patient quality for residents of the Rostov region. Siemens is known for its modern cutting-edge equipment, as well as premium service and turnkey solutions for the healthcare market – starting from diagnostic visualization systems and therapeutic equipment through to laboratory diagnostics and IT solutions that improve the efficiency of work at hospitals and clinics. In our role as financial market experts, we provide prompt and long-term investment, which helps our customers to introduce these state-of-the-art technologies. The structure of the finance deals makes it possible to keep the cost of medical services for patients at an affordable level, which is especially important in today’s challenging economic environment.”

SFS Russia has significant experience in the healthcare finance market, and has particular experience of working with healthcare vendors and organisations in the Rostov region. According to RAEX (RA Expert) data sources, SFS is one of the leading financial services providers for medical equipment sector in Russia.

02/10/2016 | Author: Siemens Finance